Special thanks to the people behind the conference!

Katie Yeh
Co-Director, Treasurer/Secretary, yehks@uci.edu

Katie Yeh is a UC Irvine alumni and Co-President of the school’s Women in Information and Computer Sciences organization. We’d like to thank Katie for being a significant driving force behind CWIC SoCal 2018. She has helped by setting up and organizing registration, budget/finances, hotel room bookings, badges, the website, contacting companies and surrounding schools, ensuring a fun-filled career expo through the photobooth and headshots, and so much more. This event would not have come to fruition without Katie!
Ericca Go
Co-Director, ecgo@uci.edu

Ericca Go is a 4th year at UC Irvine and Co-President of the school’s Women in Information and Computer Sciences organization. She helped organize CWIC alongside Katie by reaching out to and keeping in contact with company sponsors, ordering swag for attendees, and more!
Kat Lo
General Co-Chair, kmlo@uci.edu

Kat Lo is a UC Irvine alumni and past President of the school’s Women in Information and Computer Sciences organization. Today she is a researcher and consultant specializing in online harassment. We thank Kat for her help in ensuring that CWIC is filled with speakers that are both incredibly interesting and inspiring!
Sara Bahrami
General Co-Chair, sbahrami@calpoly.edu

Sara Bahrami is a professor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. We thank Sara for supporting CWIC SoCal 2018 by helping us attain sponsorships from company and academic sponsors!
Tzu-Yi Chen
Program Chair, TzuYi.Chen@pomona.edu

We would like to thank Dr. Tzu-Yi Chen from Pomona College for being our program chair! She helped organize all of the student and faculty/research talks, as well as the Impostors Love Company panel.
Shannon Hoang
Graphic Designer

We are grateful for Shannon, a first year at UC Irvine whose passion for art led her to be CWIC SoCal 2018’s designer! Every design used for the conference is by her, including the main logo on the website, t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, and stickers, as well as the badge, lanyard, photo booth, and Snapchat filter design. Her beautiful artwork definitely shines through her pieces, and we are pleased that we were all able to take home CWIC memorabilia designed by Shannon.
CWIC SoCal 2018 Committee
Vivienne Ooi, Jaskarn Bains, Lisa Joseph, Elise Dang, Alyssa Lingad, Princess Pancubit

Special thanks to all of the undergrads from WICS at UCI who helped in bringing this event to life!
CWIC SoCal 2018 Volunteers

We’d like to thank all of our lovely volunteers at CWIC SoCal for helping the event run smoothly!